Water Extraction Services

Water extraction is the process in which water is either temporarily or permanently removed from an area.

Laws and regulations are placed into place for the amount of water that can be extracted depending on where the water is being extracted from. In the case of extracting water from your home or business water extraction becomes a bit more urgent and can often times be very expensive to repair. When water seeps into your home or business it can cause serious damage to the walls, floors and ceilings. The best course of action is to get the source taken care of immediately to avoid further damage.

Just In Time Mitigation Services handles this kind of emergency situation. Insurance is help you cover those costs and get you back on your feet quick. We understand how hazardous this situation can be not just to your property and belongings but to the people around you. For this reason we want to help you try and handle things quickly so that we can get that stress off of your mind and get you back on your feet without any unnecessary delays. We fight the legal battles when the insurance companies will not cooperate.

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